Save on your utilities with compare and connect partnership
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The Room Xchange Podcast
Save on your utilities with compare and connect partnership
Mar 13, 2024 Season 4 Episode 31
Ludwina Dautovic, CEO and Founder - The Room Xchange

The Room Xchange is proud to present a new partnership with compare and connect enabling you to save money on your utilities.

About this episode
In this episode of The Room Xchange podcast, Ludwina Dautovic talks with Neil Saligrama, the founder and CEO of compare and connect. They discuss how the company is revolutionising the Australian and New Zealander markets in services like energy, broadband, and insurance. Neil shares his journey of moving to Australia, the challenges he faced with utility providers and how these experiences led him to create Compare and Connect. 

Origin story
The platform simplifies the complex industry of utilities, enabling consumers to make informed, cost-effective choices. Neil details the evolution of the company from a telesales organisation in 2010 to its pivotal shift in 2014, where it combined comparison and connection services under one roof. 

Bill consolidation
The discussion also covers the practicalities and benefits of using compare and connect, including the potential savings on essential services and the ease of switching providers. Additionally, Neil introduces an innovative app, 1Bill, aimed at consolidating bills and further simplifying service management for consumers. 

Our partnership
We conclude with the partnership arrangement between The Room Xchange and compare and connect. If you click on this link it will allow you to compare your own bills and support The Room Xchange at the same time.

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