What we think scicomm needs

September 23, 2021 Meteor: scicomm with impact Season 1 Episode 0
What we think scicomm needs
Show Notes

We want to talk more with fellow science communication professionals (like you!), and we have lots of opinions! 

We think scicomm needs: 

  1. More funding, 
  2. A reliable way to hold people with power accountable, 
  3. Leadership and development opportunities that extend beyond basic skill-building, 
  4. More integration between practice and research, and 
  5. Buy-in and formalized support from those with funding and power. 

Which is why we made Meteor! (

We want to talk with STEM professionals who are exploring science communication as a component of their career and with people who are pursuing a full-time scicomm position within an institution or as an entrepreneur. No matter what your plan with science communication is, we want to help you do it inclusively and sustainably. 

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