Mirror, mirror, on the wall, is the resume or CV the fairest of all?

October 07, 2021 Meteor: scicomm with impact Season 1 Episode 2
Mirror, mirror, on the wall, is the resume or CV the fairest of all?
Show Notes

Instead of CVs and resumes being a tally, how can we think differently about CVs and resumes to get an extra career boost out of them?  Lately, we’ve tried: 

  1. Using these documents as self-assessment tools to encourage positive self-evaluation 
  2. Crafting our own job titles and definitions of ourselves so they reflect our motivations rather than the tasks we perform for a paycheck 

 Two tips to shift the way you present yourself in just a few minutes: 

  1. For no less than 2 min: write down all the motivation words you can think of for why you hold your current position (don’t stop until your timer goes off!) 
  2. Build your own job title; make it reflect your word cloud better than the job description title you’ve been assigned by your employer 

Knowing your "why" is adjacent to setting attainable, measurable goals and will set you up to productively work more on this later. 

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Listen to the full episode for: 

  • A cheeky summary of our own CVs, resumes, and thoughts about these documents,  
  • How Bethann ( and Virginia ( have used CV and resume updates to ask for permission less and assume roles more confidently,  and
  • Our strategies for getting quality and quantity into an application package. 

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