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Sexlessness in Japanese Fiction

February 12, 2023 Season 2 Episode 7
Read Japanese Literature
Sexlessness in Japanese Fiction
Show Notes

This episode is marked mature.

Today we'll explore two trends in contemporary Japanese fiction:

  • Protagonists who don’t want to have sex
  • And women who want to have babies anyway.

To take a closer look at these trends, we’re going to ask a couple of questions about contemporary Japan:

  • What is “celibacy syndrome”? Does it even exist?
  • What role does motherhood play in a shrinking society?
  • And how do sexlessness and motherhood play out in 21st-century Japanese fiction?

We’ll end with a closer look at Mieko Kawakami’s best-selling novel, Breasts and Eggs.

Transcript, notes and sources at the podcast episode website.

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