S2: Episode 6 - Fiona Anderson, Innovate UK EDGE
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Stethoscopes & Rugby Balls
S2: Episode 6 - Fiona Anderson, Innovate UK EDGE
Feb 24, 2022
Stephen Carter

In this episode I chat with Fiona Anderson of Innovate UK EDGE (Innovate UK EDGE), where she delivers a government funded programme that helps innovation-driven businesses to grow at pace and achieve their industry- and society-transforming ambitions.  

We talk about some of the key issues she sees for the businesses she helps and, along the way, we learn about Fiona's journey, with multiple stints in both South Africa and the UK, including how whilst at RBS she was involved setting up and managing a free people accelerator hub in Brighton (which was instrumental in assisting businesses raise over £17m of investment, creating over 400 jobs and turnover in excess of £72m), and her involvement back in her native South Africa with several entrepreneur accelerators, working as a mentor and programme manager for The African Women in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (AWIEF) - Fiona is an accredited women in business specialist and has assisted over 100 women owned businesses in the UK and South Africa to grow and scale.

Fiona has worked with over 1,000 early stage and high growth entrepreneurs, helping them to grow and scale through mentoring, coaching and investment readiness programs. She is passionate about entrepreneur development and creating impact and is adept at creating lucrative opportunities for entrepreneurs and startups, through her vast network and ability to connect people and businesses with key stakeholders and individuals.

Away from work, Fiona loves the outdoors, playing golf, walking and hiking around the beautiful Sussex countryside.

You can reach out to Fiona at: Fiona.Anderson@innovateukeddge.ukri.org
Or via these other channels ...
Twitter: @FionaAndersonAA
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fiona-anderson-uk/

And you can follow Innovate UK EDGE on LinkedIn (Innovate UK EDGE South East: About | LinkedIn ) and Twitter (@IUK_EDGE_SE)

Your host, Stephen Carter, is Founder of The Intellectual Property Works (theintellectualpropertyworks.co.uk) and a patent attorney by trade.

Over the last 25 years Stephen has worked with some amazing businesses, including writing the patent applications for the Speedo swimsuit that helped Michael Phelps to his record breaking 8 gold medal haul at the Beijing Olympics and Second Sight, a West Coast US startup who make a retinal implant to restore sight to the blind.

Stephen is now recognised by IAM Strategy 300 as one of the world's leading IP strategists and is on a mission to help innovative businesses succeed by protecting their most valuable asset, their innovation, so they can make a positive impact in the world.

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