The Better Human Podcast

#292 - Everything Is Choice

February 02, 2022 Colin Stuckert
The Better Human Podcast
#292 - Everything Is Choice
Show Notes

Your reality is choice.

You choose everything.

You choose what to desire and how to go after it.

You choose who to let into your life and mind.

You choose how to feel about everything.

What you have is abundance or not enough.

What you think is useful or holding you back.

How you act is moving you forward or away from where you want to go.

Modern humans have no grasp of their power to control their mind. So they default to their environment tossing them around this way and that.

What they donโ€™t see is itโ€™s all their choice.

Your response to everything is your choice. Whether you respond in a way that brings you peace or more strife is entirely up to you.

The inescapable fact of your existence is you choose how you will respond to the external world. That will never change. And when you avoid, lie, pretend, or otherwise avoid conscious control of your responses, you end up with the corresponding shitty results.

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