The Better Human Podcast

#85 – A Message To Americans: Resist Socialism

August 12, 2020 Colin Stuckert
The Better Human Podcast
#85 – A Message To Americans: Resist Socialism
Show Notes

#85 - A Message To Americans: Resist Socialism

If you believe in American values, you must resist the socialist ideas of the left.

America has already started on a new path and will never be the same again. And the only thing that has to happen for it to crumble is for the majority to do nothing and watch.


People have yet to realize what 2020 represents. We've hit a turning point in which there is no going back. Whether we come out of this better or worse is the question.

We have hit a point in which our fiat dollars, bankrupt government, and unsuitable debt are collapsing. These crumbling institutions will lead many to even more crazy ideals when what we need is a return to what America was and is supposed to be.

In 2020, we've hit a political divide that future historians will look back as the beginning of the end.

One of the most insidious dangers is how easy the elite and their media puppets can manipulate the masses.

The public is SO EASILY controlled by fear. This is propaganda. People think propaganda is just something you learn in history class when you cover the Holocaust. They don't make the connection to then and now.

Propaganda is more alive than ever.

Unfortunately, most Americans act as every citizenry has throughout time: they give away their rights, one bite at a time. As Nikita Khrushchev, a former leader of the Soviet Union said: "The Americans will not accept communism at once, but they will eat it one tablespoon at a time."

The left ideas of quality and fairness for all and more government intervention have gone so far right to be actual socialism.

America has become a fight between freedom on the right and socialism/communism/marxism on the left.

There's nothing left in the middle—a two-party system polarizes by definition.

Look at the democratic run states currently in disarray with civil unrest, disbanding police, letting criminals walk, and now, citing a virus which each day shows a lower death rate than the seasonal flu, local politicians are committing blatant human rights violations—like California shutting off the water of anyone that hosts a small gathering or party, an act the UN considers a violation of human rights.

Most important to all: speak up. Use social media platforms, email, and traditional letters to assault the clueless politicians, so they know you are paying attention. Maybe that will keep them in line.

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