The Better Human Podcast

#44 – Mikhaila Peterson's Lion Diet, a Hardcore Carnivore Lifestyle

November 30, 2019 Colin Stuckert
The Better Human Podcast
#44 – Mikhaila Peterson's Lion Diet, a Hardcore Carnivore Lifestyle
Show Notes

Episode 44 - Mikhaila Peterson

Welcome to another episode of the Ancestral Mind Podcast, where today we're happy to have Mikhaila Peterson on the show!

Mikhaila started showing symptoms of multiple autoimmune diseases from a very young age, leading to a tough upbringing with several health problems such as severe arthritis and psychological ailments. Without any definitive answers or solutions from doctors, Mikhaila started understanding, through experimentation, that food was directly correlated to how she felt, and how her body functioned.

After a long while of experimentation she has found her ideal diet: the Lion Diet, consisting solely of ruminant meat, salt and water. Going full carnivore helped her, as well as her father, the world-famous academic Jordan Peterson, overcome their symptoms and thrive. Tune in to learn more!

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