The Better Human Podcast

#31 – Fat Fueled Family and Kids with Maura Vega

September 02, 2019 Colin Stuckert
The Better Human Podcast
#31 – Fat Fueled Family and Kids with Maura Vega
Show Notes

Episode 31 - Maura Vega

Today's guest is a very special one, with vast knowledge on nutrition and healthy, low-carb living, that shares our First Principles as well as our Ancestral Mindset! We're talking about the one and only Maura Vega, host of the Fat Fueled Family Podcast and owner of the popular Fat Fueled Mom account on Instagram.

Her focus is all about how one can provide their body with the correct nutrients to look and feel healthy - which in her book is a mix of Keto and Paleo, how we should seek all nutritional advice on our evolutionary roots, and finally and most importantly, how to raise our kids in the same way to ensure they become thriving, energetic humans.

Find out more about Maura and her mission on this episode of the Ancestral Mind Podcast.

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The Ancestral Mind Podcast is your source to Learn the First Principles of what makes you the human animal you are. We explore anything and everything relating to human optimization from the ancestral perspective. By looking to our evolutionary past, we can get all the data we need to perform better today. Let's get back to REALNESS, back to nature, and get your genes firing the right way instead of the wrong way. That's the Wild Way. Join the movement of people finally seeing through the food lies we've been fed by the powers at the top. Fats are in, carbs and grains are out. Now it's your turn to join the movement and take your health to the next level! There are so many rabbit holes to go down and Colin Stuckert will captain this ship as the CEO of a company that specializes in real food - Wild Foods.

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