The Better Human Podcast

#253 - Why I'm Selfish AF

November 10, 2021 Colin Stuckert
The Better Human Podcast
#253 - Why I'm Selfish AF
Show Notes

We need more selfish humans that take ownership of their selfishness.

All humans are selfish.

If you give your life willingly to save another, you are choosing to. It’s selfish. It’s your choice.

By default, the human experience is one in which anything you do because you want to is selfish.

Everything else is coercion.

So if you do anything, or force anyone else to do anything against their will (hello statists), then you are acting selfishly.

The thing that warps the human mind is the idea that one’s cause is “just” or “Moral” and is therefore not selfish. What bollox.

We are all selfish. The difference between myself and many others is that I own my selfishness, and i don’t feel one iota of shame or guilt.

This is easy when you recognize what it is and understand that all human action is selfish. And to take it a step further, you know that all altruism comes from selfishness.

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