Walk To Your Blocks

S3 Episode 3: Geelong Gift

November 17, 2023 Ollie, Keely & Dominic Season 3 Episode 3
Walk To Your Blocks
S3 Episode 3: Geelong Gift
Show Notes

Welcome to Walk To Your Blocks! The podcast about all things Pro Running & more!

Episode 3 contains a loaded field of entertainment, and with Dominic on an unfortunate forced absense, we have special guest host in Mia Gross (AGAIN!) join us at the table!

We are looking ahead at a picturesque Geelong Gift along the esplanade amongst the palm trees. 

We also recap the events of the Essendon Gift and highlight some results from the Macksville Gift (NSW)

This week we introduce a new segment called Pro Whispers, which we all think you will thoroughly enjoy and really get you thinking, tune in to find out more information

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