The Space God Memoirs

Season 2, Episode 12

May 21, 2023 A.M. Arktos Season 2 Episode 12
The Space God Memoirs
Season 2, Episode 12
Show Notes

Activating his latent powers of invisibility, Keph scrambles to evade the enemy forces hunting him down.  Caught within the occupied halls of the old Naiar temple, he'll need to master his new abilities and get hold of his own confidence if he ever wants to escape or find Zirathra.

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The Space God Memoirs is voiced, written and produced by A.M. Arktos

Original Musical Score by Alphacolors

Various sound effects created by Industrial Strength Records Inc.

Cover art created by Kucingkecil
Logo design by Aychuck

Intro/Outro Music: Whatever the Thinker Thinks by Alphacolors

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