Kindergarten Kept Simple

Beat Imposter Syndrome (Without Fighting It)

April 01, 2022 Mariah Season 1 Episode 16
Kindergarten Kept Simple
Beat Imposter Syndrome (Without Fighting It)
Show Notes

Let's be super-honest: At a certain point in our careers, we've all felt the dreaded Imposter Syndrome cloud our ambitions with so much ease that we feel all our achievements so far have been the outcome of someone else's charity. That we don't know enough to take up a bigger, better challenge or reward. I've been there too, and I admit it took me a while to conquer it.

So, if you've felt like you're alone in feeling incapable or less than qualified, you aren't alone. 

Today's episode does NOT offer a step-by-step method to overcome imposter syndrome, nor does it talk about the science behind it. In today's conversation, I share my personal journey through it, HOW it crept into my life, and WHAT I personally did to overcome it (and still do).

Here's how I made my way out of THE IMPOSTER syndrome:

>> I learned to be super honest with myself and others – this also applies to social media. When I realized there were SO many people experiencing the wrath of it like me, I knew there was no shame in just-being-yourself. Why would you, even for a fractional second, disown yourself to please someone else?

>> I began to see that the more excited I was about a project, the more I believed in it, the more extreme my feelings of imposter syndrome were. My feelings of self-doubt heightened with increasing levels of excitement.

>> I accepted what I was feeling and learned to leave it as it is. Sometimes, you don't really have to do something about those feelings; you don;t have to change them. You just have to accept them. 

>> I talked to my hype squad. And believe me, it has always been incredibly helpful. To have people amp you up even on the lowest of days – is a blessing. 

>> I sat and thought about my "why". It fills me with purpose and clears any doubts I ever face about my journey or my experience.

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Mariah is the creator and founder of A Playful Purpose: Learning for Littles. She’s an early learning expert and kindergarten specialist originating from Ontario, Canada. After 5 years teaching the Ontario FDK Program, Mariah picked up and moved to Nova Scotia to be with her now husband, who serves in the Royal Canadian Air Force. She strives to create high quality, engaging and play-based learning resources for French and English educators and parents. Mariah loves messy play, high ponytails, pancakes and connecting with her community! If you have any questions about resources or A Playful Purpose, you’re invited to email or send her a DM on Instagram @aplayfulpurpose. Sparkle and shine!