AI: Threat or Opportunity?
Politely Pushy with Eric Chemi
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Politely Pushy with Eric Chemi
AI: Threat or Opportunity?
Sep 28, 2023
Eric Chemi

Data privacy, ESG, AI? Laurence Evans of Reputation Leaders and Eric cover it all and more on today’s Politely Pushy episode! AI has veered its head once more, this time as a major ESG issue - I know, we’re as surprised as you are. According to Laurence, AI has proven to be more of an opportunity than a threat with limitless possibilities, but the question on everyone’s mind really is: What is AI really being used for? 

From driving workplace efficiency to creating job opportunities in the tech space, AI is dominating today’s digital revolutions and will continue to do so for decades to come. 

However, perception isn’t always what it seems when it comes to emerging tech, and Laurence has the numbers to prove it: 

• 48% of Americans see AI as more of a threat than an opportunity
• Two-thirds of Americans believe American companies should be working to protect personal data
• Social Media is seen as the fifth biggest threat to American security

Tune in to learn more about Laurence’s survey findings and what they mean for how businesses today are shaping their internal strategies to maintain ESG standards - standards that continue to evolve with the rise of emerging technologies.