New Word Order

Episode #60 Right of Way / A Pacific Transcription... PART 2

March 21, 2023
New Word Order
Episode #60 Right of Way / A Pacific Transcription... PART 2
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"No fiction shall extend to WORK AN INJURY, its proper operation being to prevent a mischief or remedy an inconvenience which might result from the general rule of law."

- 3 Blackstone's Commentaries (21 ed.)


Larceny of Chose in Action

If any person shall feloniously steal, take and carry away, or take by robbery, any bank note, check or other order for the payment of money issued by or drawn on any bank or other society or corporation within this State or within any of the United States, or any treasury warrant, debenture, certificate of stock or other public security, or certificate of stock in any corporation, or any order, bill of exchange, bond, promissory note or other obligation, either for the payment of money or for the delivery of specific articles, being the property of any other person, or of any corporation...

"Take and carry"

Tertium Quid

35 USC 101


early 12c., "small monastery, subordinate monastery", later "small room for a monk or a nun in a monastic establishment; a hermit's dwelling" (c. 1300), from Latin cella "small room, store room, hut," related to Latin celare "to hide, conceal" (from PIE root *kel- (1) "to cover, conceal, save"). From "monastic room" the sense was extended to "prison room" (1722).

Cestui Que Trust

(i) The first Cestui Que Vie Trusts formed were through an Act of Henry VIII of England in 1540 and later wholly corrupted whereby the poor people of England, after having all their homes, goods and wealth seized in 1535 under the “guise” of SMALL RELIGIOUS ESTATES...

Cruden vs Neale (1796)



General Orders No. 100 : Article 38


Born Alive

"Being a product of conception..."

Fertilization is NOT "conception"

1 USC 8