EP 54 - Key Annual Maintenance To Save Your Rental Cashflow
Collecting Keys - Real Estate Investing Podcast
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Collecting Keys - Real Estate Investing Podcast
EP 54 - Key Annual Maintenance To Save Your Rental Cashflow
Oct 19, 2022 Season 1 Episode 54
Mike DeHaan

Can you believe it’s been a full year of the Collecting Keys Podcast?! Dan and Mike have come a long way since that not-so-great first episode (if you haven't already, they suggest you NOT go listen to it). Now, they’re over 50 episodes in and their businesses are thriving.

This casual episode includes Dan and Mike reflecting on their progress in podcasting, and giving updates on their wholesale business and Instant Investor Program. You’ll hear how they’ve helped clients close a few sweet deals, as well as the status of their own deals.

Since we’re already a few weeks into the fall season, Dan and Mike also talk about winterizing your properties, so you can avoid costly repairs from water damage and more. And, they share stories of indifferent tenants and how they learned to navigate the real estate market on the job.

Tune in to hear their insights from renting out multiple properties, mistakes they’ve made and what they’ve learned along the way!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Dan and Mike reflect on their first year of the Collecting Keys Podcast
  • Why shouldn’t take a break marketing during the “slow months” of the stock market
  • Updates on business
  • Rehab or tear down when seller financing?
  • Helping their investor program clients collaborate on deals
  • Preparing rental properties for winter
  • Experiences the guys have had with water damage
  • Head here for a possible freebie from Dan!

If you are interested in learning from Dan and Mike to receive coaching and learn how they built their business, head to instantinvestorprogram.com and see if you are a good fit for the mastermind group!

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