FF58 - Deal Case Study - Sometimes Deals Are Just Easy Money
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Collecting Keys - Real Estate Investing Podcast
FF58 - Deal Case Study - Sometimes Deals Are Just Easy Money
Aug 25, 2023
Mike DeHaan

FF58 - Deal Case Study - Sometimes Deals Are Just Easy Money

On today’s Friday Focus episode, our host Mike DeHaan discusses a deal case study with one of our Instant Investor program members, Brenden Chetuck, where the process was smooth and the deal came easy. Yes, this happens.

Is it luck? Is it experience? Or is it a bit of both? Either way, it is just as important to dissect the complicated deals as it is the easier ones, if you are serious about being a full-time investor. So, Brenden has volunteered to come on today’s episode to share his experience completing a deal that brought in easy money.

You will hear about how the Class A property deal came to Brenden through an SMS lead, the type of seller he was working with and why the seller didn’t want to make a profit, and the final transaction that took place. Brenden also shares his tips on how to do a deal in a new market from a distance.

These case study episodes provide invaluable real life insight on how deals go down, so be sure to tune in!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How Brendan found a lakeshore property deal through an SMS lead
  • Why the seller wasn’t interested in making money on the deal
  • How Brendan marketed the property and the final numbers
  • The importance of following up with people while going through the process
  • Who Brendan sold the property to
  • Why you should keep the transactions as simple as possible
  • Tips on how to do a deal in a new market at a distance

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