EP 204 - Should We Sell All Our Rental Properties?
Collecting Keys - Real Estate Investing Podcast
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Collecting Keys - Real Estate Investing Podcast
EP 204 - Should We Sell All Our Rental Properties?
Apr 17, 2024 Season 1 Episode 204

The problem: Soaring property taxes and insurance rates are diminishing the profitability of real estate investments. The solution? Hosts Mike and Dan discuss a radical approach: selling all their rental properties during the current selling season to capitalize on market conditions.

This episode delves into the dilemma real estate investors face when considering how to optimize returns while continuing to scale their business. In the current market, where many investors are experiencing a lack of liquidity and escalating operational costs, the best solution could be to sell off underperforming rental properties and redirect capital into more profitable ventures. Mike and Dan outline the strategy behind this approach, expanding on their current cash flow problems and the high cost of property management.

Tune in as we consider the best strategies to leverage a real estate portfolio and generate massive income!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • The impact of rising taxes and insurance on REI strategy
  • Is there really a housing shortage?
  • Current challenges of owning rental properties
  • Debating the best investment strategy in this market
  • Selling all your rental properties and repositioning equity
  • The cost of property management

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