EP 212 - How To Effectively Lead Your Remote Real Estate Team To Success
Collecting Keys - Real Estate Investing Podcast
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Collecting Keys - Real Estate Investing Podcast
EP 212 - How To Effectively Lead Your Remote Real Estate Team To Success
May 15, 2024 Season 1 Episode 212

How does your business operate while you’re away? Does your team step up or slack off while the boss is away?

In this episode, find out what happened when Mike and Dan had the chance to lean on their employees and test their systems while they were both traveling. They discuss the challenges of managing a remote team and the role of business owners to lead their team to success.

Mike and Dan also share tips on firing employees and reducing employee turnover, quickly closing deals, increasing productivity through effective time management, and becoming an expert in your local market. Tune in for all this and more!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Managing challenges of a remote sales team
  • Effective leadership and improving systems
  • Employee turnover and the dynamics of firing
  • The importance of speed in real estate transactions
  • Tips to increase productivity and build relationships
  • How to master your real estate market

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