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Red’s Roundtable: Randy Conway talks Authentication, US Corporation, Adrenochrome, & Vaccines

October 14, 2021 Hannah 🌻
The Red Patriot Show
Red’s Roundtable: Randy Conway talks Authentication, US Corporation, Adrenochrome, & Vaccines
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★ Randy Conway★
• Poet
• Expert on Authentication
• Expert on The US Corporation

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Randy was born on November 27, 1954, to a country preacher that never had an indoor bathroom until he left home for college, and a city girl who had been born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri.

Randy was diagnosed with asthma and before his 1st birthday the family moved to Arizona, and stayed out west in the states of Arizona, Texas and New Mexico until Randy was 17 when the family returned to Missouri.

Randy was born again in 1987 at 33 years of age and so began a new journey in life. He was married to his high school sweetheart Robin in November of 1973, and together they have three children and 14 grandchildren. After 33 years in the asphalt paving business, God moved Randy and his wife into a new career path which was full of struggles, in order that they might become dependent upon God and not their business. Then another major change that God ordained was to leave the 501( c)3 church where Randy and Robin had served as worship leaders for 17 years.

God began to download poetry into the heart and mind of Randy in a prolific way after leaving the worship leader position and he began to accumulate quite a collection of poetry. While listening to Steve Quayle one evening, it was put into Randy’s heart to send one of his poems to Steve Quayle. That opened a door that Randy never saw coming which has now become five books of poetry dealing with politics, end time prophecy, Christian living and more, as well as a DVD of video poetry, and a YouTube and Rumble channel of video poetry.

Randy has been blessed to share his poetry at several conferences around the country, often being posted and shared on Steve Quayle’s website and being interviewed on several podcasts and Skywatch TV.

Another path that God launched Randy onto was a journey of understanding how our nation operates, carefully guiding him until he was on the path God intended. This led to meeting people with amazing knowledge and research abilities to lead him in his understanding. Had Randy not left his business in the Asphalt Construction industry or the 501( c)3 church this path never would have been discovered or followed. What was frightening has become a calling and led to purpose.
Stay strong, fellow patriots! ✊🏻 🇺🇸

Your friendly neighborhood patriot,
Hannah 🌻

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