The Healthy Dose
Pregnancy Health - What to Expect
Pregnancy Health - What to Expect 32:35 Unclutter Your Diet and Get Back to the Basics! 33:29 Adolescent Mental Health in the Age of Digital Distraction 38:13 Sports Medicine - It's not just for competitive athletes! 34:30 Your Women's Health Questions Answered! 52:26 Is it Allergies or Sinus Issues? Let's Ask the ENT! 27:42 When's the Right Time to Get Screened for Colon Cancer? 22:41 How Healthy is Your Heart? Let's discuss the ABC's of Heart Health! 45:04 COVID Resurgence and Flu - Where are we in January 2022? 44:27 Intermittent Fasting- Facts, Findings, and How to Get Started 31:51 Stress, Burnout, and Building Resilience 28:00 Let's Talk About Breast Cancer 33:21