Nihizhi, Our Voices: An Indigenous Solutions Podcast
Akimel O'odham Power: Fighting for the Land, Water and Culture with Marina Thomas
Episode Artwork Akimel O'odham Power: Fighting for the Land, Water and Culture with Marina Thomas 54:19 Episode Artwork Israel, Palestine and Indigeneity: A Jewish Perspective with Jeffrey Haas 1:33:16 Episode Artwork Realities, People, and God: Christian Palestinian Liberation Theology with Omar Halamy and Samuel Munayer 1:29:34 Episode Artwork Good Fire: The Karuk Nation and the Original Prescribed Burns of Turtle Island 53:58 Episode Artwork Earth Defenders of the Philippines: Bontok-Kankanaey Life with Beverly Longid 59:16 Episode Artwork Indigenous Parenting, ICWA, and Epigenetics with Grace Johnson, Misty Flowers, and Elizabeth Lovejoy Brown 48:44 Episode Artwork Lessons from Abya Yala: The Indigenous Peoples of Suriname with Sherlien Sanches 58:47 Episode Artwork Black and Indigenous Solidarity with Katina Stone-Butler 1:31:32 Episode Artwork áyACon: The Power of Indigenous Comics, Fandom, and Artistry with Kristina Bad Hand 1:08:49 Episode Artwork Bridging Islam and Turtle Island: Parallel Struggles with Mona Haydar 1:31:05 Episode Artwork Sacred Animals: Navajo Churro Sheep and Reweaving Our Ancient Ecologies 47:23 Episode Artwork Indigenous Food Warriors: Crystal Wahpepah and the Art of Feeding Community 46:20 Episode Artwork Indigenous Masculinity, Jim Thorpe, and Hip-Hop with Anishinaabe/Oneida Artist Tall Paul 57:16 Episode Artwork Lateral Kindness: Sherri Mitchell, Traditions of Compassion, and the Antidote to Division 54:06 Episode Artwork The Island of Guåhan (Guam): The Beauty & Struggle of Chamorro Liberation with Monaeka Flores 1:04:27 Episode Artwork Opening Space for Creator: Karen Rodriguez's Decolonization Journey Home 47:42 Episode Artwork Beata Tsosie-Peña: The Poetry of Land Liberation 49:50 Episode Artwork Birthing Ancestral Paradigms through Indigenous Midwifery with Nicolle Gonzales 54:28 Episode Artwork Publishing Indigenous Authors: Jessa Calderon's New Book, 'SisterHood' 38:51 Episode Artwork MMIW in Latin America with Dr. Lydia Huerta 52:34 Episode Artwork Hopi Dryland Farming with Ahkima Honyumptewa 59:25 Episode Artwork Indigenous Languages: Raising Fluent Speakers 1:13:27 Episode Artwork Corrina Gould, #Landback, and the Art of Indigenous Land Trusts 51:40 Episode Artwork 'A Gathering Basket' Multimedia Cookbook and the Promise of Rematriation 1:03:08 Episode Artwork Nihizhí, Our Voices: An Indigenous Solutions Podcast Trailer 1:53