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[Feature Friday]: The Queue

January 27, 2023 Plan to Eat
The Plan to Eat Podcast
[Feature Friday]: The Queue
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In this quick episode, we explain how we use the Queue in our Plan to Eat accounts and how you could utilize it too!

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I'm Riley and I'm Roni. And this is the plan to eat podcast, where we have conversations about meal planning, food, and wellness. To help you answer the question what's for dinner.

Riley: Hello and welcome to the Plan to Eat Podcast, uh, on another episode of Feature Friday. Today we're talking about the queue. The queue allows you to segment a portion of your recipe book for quick planning. Often the queue is used to separate recipes you know, you'll want to plan in the near future, or as a place to store your most frequently planned recipes.

Roni: So I use the queue a lot in my own personal meal planning. I'm excited to talk about. Because we get questions about the queue. sometimes people are confused, like, what is it? Why is it there? What am I gonna use it for? So, personally, I like to use it as just basically another folder of my recipe book.

So, like Riley said, it's a way to segment some of your recipes into basically another folder in your recipe book. You could use it in [00:01:00] multiple ways, . I actually use it for a couple different things. I use it for recipes that we really love that are kind of our default recipes, so that way when I just.

Not feeling much inspiration for planning. I can open my queue, I can quickly plan those recipes and the my meal plan's just done really quickly. I also use it for recipes that I have recently imported and want to put on my meal planner, but I'm not sure where they're gonna fit in with my meal plan or just I'm not like at a point to create a meal plan at that moment.

So like I'll import a recipe, be like, this sounds amazing, and I'll just immediately put it into my queue so that I can find it later really easily. I also like to use it, this is actually my favorite way to use the queue, is to use it for my pantry recipes. So we all have those recipes that you basically have all the ingredients on hand at home, and you don't need to put them on your meal planner necessarily because you don't need to buy anything for them.

So I have like my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe on there. I have a really easy chili recipe [00:02:00] in there. . And so when I go to cook those recipes or you know, bake those cookies, I don't have to go searching through my recipe book for that recipe. I can immediately go to the queue, get the recipe there, and then cook directly from that recipe.

So we definitely have customers who use the queue for maybe just one of these specific things. I kind of use it as like a conglomeration of all the different things. Um, but I just really like the easy access to those recipes because I've got over a thousand recipes in my recipe book. And so to be able to segment, you know, maybe 25 or 30 recipes into the queue, it's just really helpful to be able to find him easier.

Riley: that's exactly what I was gonna add, is that it's this holding area. and if you have a lot of recipes in your recipe book, having this like subset without filtering, without searching, just having this little subset sub folder where you can have some favorites and things like that is super helpful. And it's really easy to get to.

So you can access that from the recipe details on a recipe. You can access it from the recipe [00:03:00] clipper. Um, you can immediately add things to the queue from there. and then when you're in the planner, you can easily access it and just drag and drop those recipes right onto your meal.

Roni: Yeah. And yeah, the queue is available on both the website and on the app. If you're not sure where to find it on the app, when you're in the recipe book, you can just tap on the header that says My recipes, and then underneath there you'll see that you have the queue and the PT recipes and a couple other things there.

So that's where the queue lives on your app. I love the queue. I hope that, um, you guys learned a little bit more about it, and maybe you'll start using it.

And if you have a question about any of the features in plan to eat, you can always email our support team at that's H E L P Thanks so much for listening and we will see you guys in a full episode real soon