#FLY with Zarine Swamy (I am an Ethical Badass!)

August 31, 2022 PRERNA GOEL Season 1 Episode 8
#FLY with Zarine Swamy (I am an Ethical Badass!)
Show Notes
How do you overcome painful trauma of your childhood to create a future that finally allows you to let go of the anger and hurt that has stayed with you for decades.

Listen to this powerful chat with Zarine Swamy on how her childhood shaped much of her early adulthood and how she finally took matters in her own hands and found a way to herself. Here's a journey of self-love and self-acceptance thats worth listening to.

About Zarine Swamy:

After 16 good years spent working for a living & sometimes for a beer, a party or an adventure trip, Zarine went through a not so uncommon phase. The mid- life rebellion, since she hadn’t rebelled in her teens. In her case, mid- life crisis decided to fall in love with Uncle Covid & their union hit her like a rock in 2020.

When the rules change you gotta change your game too. Zarine quit a toxic Corporate life. She also went through a painful journey of discovering, declining, accepting & finally healing. Suffice to say that a few relationships were redefined & a few friendships were broken.

The year culminated in her founding the Ethical Badass Squad. Ethics & Integrity (her twin values) were going out of fashion & she wishes to see their revival. 

Zarine coaches others on a similar journey with their career/ boundary issues. Her method is to help them use ethics & their inner integrity as tools to become badass at work & life.

https://medium.com/@ethicalbadasss and