#FLY with Anita Alexander (I am a Parent!)

September 30, 2022 PRERNA GOEL Season 1 Episode 9
#FLY with Anita Alexander (I am a Parent!)
Show Notes

Parenthood changes the definition of self-love. At every step of the way, new challenges are thrown at us which force us to challenge our perspective and require constant reminders to continue to love ourselves.

Check out this enlightening story of Anita Alexander on how she has had to work hard to stay in love with herself as she goes on her journey as a parent. How she cannot be a great parent to her kids unless she loves herself first and foremost. 

About Anita Alexander:

Anita Alexander is the Vice President for Data Platforms and Engineering at GE Healthcare. She leads a global team of very talented people who work on cutting edge technology. Driven by purpose, she sees everyday as a new opportunity to drive a positive impact through precise, connected and compassionate care.

A trailblazer, Anita has to her credit multiple first-of-its-kind initiatives that she has led. She has built and directed large organizations delivering innovative solutions. Anita is  an award winner Women in Technology, award winner business transformation leader, an active coach and is passionate about attracting and nurturing technical talent into the workforce.


Books authored and published by Anita's daughter, Ann Alexander, when she was in her 7th and 10th grade:

The Troubadour's Collection - https://www.amazon.com/Troubadours-Collection-Wander-World-Words/dp/1946515167

Atrocity -  Atrocity