#FLY with Navjyoti Upadhyaya (I am not just my Family!)

October 31, 2022 PRERNA GOEL Season 1 Episode 10
#FLY with Navjyoti Upadhyaya (I am not just my Family!)
Show Notes

Some times, we let our family's expectations and society's view of the world define who we are. We end up living a life burdened by other people's vision of who we should  be. 

Check out this courageous story of Navjyoti Upadhyaya on how she broke free from familial expectations and decided to live a life of her dreams. 

About Navjyoti:

Navjyoti is a Freelance website developer, Food blogger, Baker, YouTuber, Self-love advocate and therapist in training.

Five years ago, she had a beautiful & comfortable life- A supportive family and a loving husband. She was living her best life in country of her choice. Yet, she was not secure or content, and it started to show more clearly daily. 

Her journey through a stressful move to a new country and medication-intensive infertility treatments created a potent environment for depression to take over her slowly. She was stuck as she had no language or cultural context for her feelings. It took a considerable loss to shake her back to her senses. She found that deep social conditioning and our past plays a significant role in how we feel daily and what we choose & allow in our lives. In the depths of despair, Navjyoti found the true meaning of life, her spiritual side and her purpose!

She is now determined to speak about important topics like ancestral trauma and social conditioning dictating our lives. She is here to support people who want to live authentic life driven by self-love through her channels πŸ™

Her  social handles are

Website: https://www.spicysweetlife.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spicysweetlife_/

Youtube: https://youtube.com/c/spicysweetlife