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Making It Count: The Role of SELPA in Special Education Finance

October 13, 2021 Aaron Benton Season 1 Episode 1
Making it Happen Podcast
Making It Count: The Role of SELPA in Special Education Finance
Show Notes

This segment is entitled, “Making It Count:  The Role of SELPA in Special Education Finance,” and it features three extremely talented special education finance experts. 

Eddie Davidson, Director of Fiscal Student Services for the Fresno County SELPA.  Eddie has served for 25 years in Education Finance, 13 years in local school district finance and 12 years in the SELPA of Fresno County Superintendent of Schools.   Fresno County SELPA consists of 31 LEAs serving over 8,600 students with disabilities, and their Charter SELPA has 15 LEAs with nearly 900 additional students with disabilities.  

Dr. Robert McEntire, Director of Management Consulting Services for School Services of California. Robert is sought after as a presenter for many organizations including CASBO, USC’s School of Business, and CSBA. Prior to joining School Services, Robert served as an assistant superintendent and Chief Business Official in medium and large school districts in Southern California, and was a Chief Financial Officer in the corporate sector. He supports and advises school districts, county offices of education, and community colleges.

Anjanette Pelletier, Associate Superintendent of Special Education and SELPA for San Mateo County.  Anjanette spent the first 10 of her 25 years in education as a school psychologist, later working in program specialist and director positions. She’s been the leader of San Mateo’s SELPA for ten years.  Anjanette provides exemplary leadership to our state association as the both the Chair of the Coalition for Adequate Funding for Special Education and the Co-Chair of the State SELPA Finance Committee. 

Of possible interest:

·       Fresno County SELPA’s Model SELPA Finance Website.  The site includes information about funding sources, allocations, uses of funds, reporting, and providing an FAQ sheet.  He has even built a library of instructional videos on SELPA finance for his SELPA's member LEA business officials and has made all available to the public.  We are so grateful for what he has put together and is willing to share.

·       Overview of Special Education in California, produced by the California Legislative Analyst's Office in November 2019, provides comprehensive information about the state of special education finance in California.
What is Special Education?
Who Receives Special Education?
How is Special Education Organized?
How is Special Education Funded?

·  California's Special Education Funding System Creates Challenges and Opportunities for District and Charter Schools, Bellwether Educational Partners, May 2019 

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