Making it Happen Podcast

Making It Possible: The Role of SELPA in Addressing Equity

November 17, 2021 SELPA Administrators of California Season 1 Episode 5
Making it Happen Podcast
Making It Possible: The Role of SELPA in Addressing Equity
Show Notes

This segment is entitled, “Making It Possible:  The Role of SELPA in Addressing Equity,” and it features three extremely talented equity experts.  

Dr. Adam Clark, Superintendent of the Mt. Diablo Unified School District, a single district SELPA with over 26,000 students.  Dr. Clark has been championing the cause of equity for years, and he first came to present to SELPA Administrators of California a few years ago related to his work in Vallejo City USD where he was closely involved with the significant disproportionality process and the culture shifts that took place there.

Dr. Mary Montle Bacon is an Equity leader and consultant.  She is the Founder of Images of a Culture, a highly sought-after presenter, and one of the Technical Assistance Facilitators in the area of Significant Disproportionality who consults regularly with multiple SELPAs on issues of equity and social justice.

Dr. Debbie Montoya is the Senior Director of the Imperial County SELPA, a multi-district SELPA of 17 school districts located along the California Mexico border.  Dr. Montoya and her SELPA Team are SELPA Content Leads in work specifically related to providing appropriate services for English Learners with Disabilities.

Of possible interest:

·       State Performance Plan - Technical Assistance Project, SPP-TAP
·      Equity Disproportionality & Design (EDDS), South County SELPA
·       Equity Tools, Promising Practice, and Research, CDE
·       Ways 2 Equity Playbook, Inclusion Collaborative at the Santa Clara COE
·       Equity Resource Library, San Diego County Office of Education
·       Microaggressions in the Classroom, University of North Texas
·       Solving Disproportionality and Achieving Equity: A Leader′s Guide to Using Data to Change Hearts and Minds, Fergus, Edward A.

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