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How To Improve Communication In The Workplace w/ Laura Barker

May 15, 2022 Roberta Season 1 Episode 27
Speaking and Communicating Podcast
How To Improve Communication In The Workplace w/ Laura Barker
Show Notes

How do different generations in the workplace communicate and understand one another? How do we bridge the generational communications gap?

Laura Barker, CEO & Founder of Laura Barker Coaching, spent more than 20 years as a  Human Resources professional, even for corporations who had a staff compliment of over 200,000. Her experiences shed light on human behavior, behavioral psychology and how throwing money on every problem is never the solution.

Through her coaching company, Laura's mission is to achieve 3 major things with any client that she works with - clarity, impact and growth. She and her team will explore any disconnection between the inner (private) and outer (public) self and find ways to knit them together to achieve maximum growth. You learn that the answers are within you; you do not need to look anywhere else.

Laura spent most of her career in Human Resources and then switched to project management, thinking Project Management would satisfy her more than HR. It didn’t. She felt lost and frustrated.  The dissatisfaction eventually impelled her to recognize the obvious: she needed to take risks in order to grow. That's when she realized she needed to identify her values - what motivated her intrinsically. Connection became the foundation for people and processes. Working with people in HR, she connected habits, behaviours, and actions. In PM, she built processes to connect time, people, and resources appropriately.

On this episode, she takes us through her journey in Human Resources and how different generations in the workplace need to communicate in order to be effective, productive and growth-oriented.

Listen as Laura shares:
- how leaders can understand their subordinates
- how to bring out your team's best potential
- different strategies for resolving conflict in the workplace
- how fresh graduates can understand what interview panels are looking for
- things you can do to have the best chances of landing your dream job
- how human resource panels select candidates
- how to find a career that aligns with your purpose
- how to understand and establish what your core values are
- how to increase your level of self-awareness

...and so much more!

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