Defense Brief
הבלגה על ״ירי בשוגג״ - קוצר ראיה או מדיניות מטופשת
הבלגה על ״ירי בשוגג״ - קוצר ראיה או מדיניות מטופשת 5:35 Israel has an Urgent Need for Aerial Tankers 4:59 The Final U.S. Withdrawal From Iraq 4:22 JCPOA - Bluffing Toward and Agreement? 5:12 RoboBoats are Roaming the Red Sea 4:23 Royal Navy to Get EW Systems from Elbit Systems UK 4:55 Why Israeli Companies are Moving Production to the USA? 5:14 Drone Assassins 3:26 TROPHY APS Completes Successful Test Series on German Leopard 2s 3:43 Iran Intensifies Drone Attacks Throughout the Middle East 3:50 US Army Deploys the Iron Dome to Guam 4:25 Unmanned Turrets for Modern AFVs 4:56 Israel's Future AFV Project Carmel Enters 2nd Stage 3:54 Waging War on Iranian Missile-Drones 4:23 Israel Wants to Augment its F-35s With More F-15s 5:30