Biblical Christian Worldview

The "Main Thing" for a Biblical Christian

March 17, 2022 Jeff Hilles Season 2 Episode 73
Biblical Christian Worldview
The "Main Thing" for a Biblical Christian
Show Notes

Christians in America are losing their way in being able to express the fundamentals of their worldview. Some are in the process of deconstructing their faith. Some are angry with a certain pastor or church member and have stopped attending an organized fellowship. Some are hiding their beliefs, afraid to be associated with Scriptural teachings on abortion, women pastors, climate change, homosexuality, marriage, etc. Some have just become lazy, in their prayer life, in Bible study, in missions, fellowship, ministry opportunities, etc., aggravated by behavioral changes related to COVID. 

This 'Statement of Faith' is intended to be a framework to "Love God". The focus is from the perspective of man, looking up toward a supreme Creator and desiring to know Him and to love Him and to spend eternity with Him. This must be an active decision, not just a passive acceptance of His existence. 

For that growth to take place we need to:

  • Believe He exists, 
  • Accept His love letter to us, the Bible, 
  • Recognize His power and authority in our lives through three Persons (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), 
  • Be prepared to actively share His truth with a lost and dying world, and, perhaps most importantly, 
  • Acknowledge His Son's sacrifice on the cross for our sins as the only path to Heaven.