Cleanup on Aisle 9

Cereal Showdown, part 1

January 15, 2022 John & Jesse Season 1 Episode 9
Cereal Showdown, part 1
Cleanup on Aisle 9
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Cleanup on Aisle 9
Cereal Showdown, part 1
Jan 15, 2022 Season 1 Episode 9
John & Jesse

Saturday mornings, space aliens, box tops, John Denver, Griddlepuss, crystal meth... Join us in the wacky world of breakfast cereals! We talk about the cereals we all know & love (and/or hate). Plus: what makes for good cereal packaging & branding? And what's up with those other abominations that fill the shelf? Tune in & find out!

 0:35 What kid's cereals do u remember?
2:00 Box tops for prizes
3:23 Jesse was ineligible for prizes
5:12 Old ppl cereal WTF
6:21 The most popular cereals
7:45 Cheerios yo!
9:39 The John MF Denver diet
12:20 Dinersaurs, Urkel-O's, Hulk Hogan-O's
14:07 Killer cereal: Crystal Meth Crunch
17:30 It's all about the sugar
20:31 Kellogg's Say What Now?
22:40 Toucan Sam got f*cked up
24:07 Crazy-ass special editions
26:37 Stoners, cereal & soda
27:33 Opie & the mysterious shrinking lighter

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