CEO To Rainmaker

23.Financial Literacy for Business

April 06, 2022 Gene Valdez Season 1 Episode 23
CEO To Rainmaker
23.Financial Literacy for Business
Show Notes

In honor of April being National Financial Literacy Month, Gene hosts Part 1 of a 4 part practical guide that CEOs can use to make their businesses healthier, stronger, and sustainable over a long period of time. 


1) Basic Financial Terminology

2) Roles and Responsibilities of a financial department

3) Basics of how finance works in business

"National Financial Literacy Month is celebrated in April, which is a great opportunity for us to check and promote our financial situation and skills.  If you consider yourself illiterate in terms of finances then you are not alone!  It does not matter if you have just started earning or have been earning for a long time, every day is a chance to reflect upon your spendings and improve your finances."

-National Today

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