Solana NFT Hub Audio Experience

The Y00tlist - The ONLY whitelist YOU care about right now.

August 22, 2022 Ethan Season 1 Episode 17
Solana NFT Hub Audio Experience
The Y00tlist - The ONLY whitelist YOU care about right now.
Show Notes

Y00ts - the collection from Degods

You probably are familiar with Solana flagship NFT collection Degods. They lead the space with their tough and rowdy bus driver, frank . But what is Y00ts and why is it the only thing on nft twitter can talk about? They have done something that will permanently change NFTs FOREVER and you need to know about it. Let’s take a look and see what we can learn. 

What is Y00ts?

Launched their twitter on July 30th using the words “ we are building y00topia, together.” This project is a beautiful rebranding of the duppies which was the original name of the collection. Frank nixed the idea.. Turns out after asking people that Frank didn’t like the name.. Do you know what a duppy is? It is a west indian word that means malevolent spirit or ghost. But if you are directing duppy to someone then it would mean you want to kill them.. 

Not great for building a strong brand so the collection y00ts was born.. Which is actually an ingenious marketing ploy .. The name change garnered a lot of attention from the community and this put the spotlighting on the project.. But the engagement is skyrocketing.. And you’re not going to believe why…

The y00tlist

3 tweets later.. The y00tlist was born, a new way of doing WL. but how were they planning to accomplish this? 

The community has been plagued with sketchy, backdoor influencer WL bullshit.. This is where influencers are given a large portion of WL to mint then dump on people.. Essentialy making them liquidity vacuums.. 

The team proposed a public VIP WL.. where it was shown on twitter and they would only receive on mint pass.

Thus the y00tlist twitter channel was born. This channel would make a tweet everytime someone was approved for their WL… This created community buzz which we haven’t seen since Okay bears.. There is something i noticed that is pretty reminiscent of okay bears marketing campaign

Its the simply togetherness message. Their message was we are gonna be okay… well y00ts is we are going to build y00topia, together.. Those phrases do a tremendous job of bring people together.. 

Now what makes the y00tlist so powerful? Lets look at a few characteristics that make this so successful..

Exclusivity and scarcity:

They have positioned the yootlist as an exclusive community of the perfect type of people in solana nfts. A play on utopia, meaning the perfect place or conditions.  Frank has made a club that you want to be in so bad you will fill out a form selling yourself to be a part of this community. Tell the judgers every detail on why you should be accepted.. Since not everyone will be accepted, it creates scarcity.. And honestly the fear of the unknown…we don’t know why some people get accepted and why others don’t.. Later we are going to look at some stats tha max shared on twitter so make sure you stay for that part. 


I dont even know if that is a word or not but it is freaking happening on the twitter page.. I have checked in every day to see how fast it is growing and a rough estimate looks like 2k followers PER day… the graphic that releases when the account tweets is shareable and it is an easy flex so other people are going to interact and RT it.. This creates a snowball effect as the engagement skyrockets with each and every tweet.