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Why is EVERYONE mad at Epic Games?

September 22, 2022 Ethan Season 1 Episode 18
Solana NFT Hub Audio Experience
Why is EVERYONE mad at Epic Games?
Show Notes

EPIC Games Listed their first NFT Game on the Store.

Did you know?

What is the latest buzz in the cryptocurrency market? The famous creator of Fortnite has added its first NFT game Blankos Block Party to its store.  Not only that, one user paid as much as 36.8 ETH in gas just to mint the first NFT on Ethereum in its Proof-of-Stake (POS) version. 

To date, Blankos Block Party has accumulated more than one million players since being launched in 2020 by Mythical Games. The multiplayer game focuses on unique collectible digital vinyl toys called Blankos, NFTs that can be purchased, upgraded, and sold within the game.

The developer announced that various Web3 gaming projects would be welcomed on Epic Games Store, with Grit being the first NFT project to be included. This announcement, however, does not appear to be well received by users.

For the past few years, traditional gaming brands have been trying to bring Web3 projects into their stores, but the gaming community is strictly against these developments. However, Epic Games appears adamant about adding Web3 gaming projects to the Epic Games Store.

The CEO stated that the Epic Games Store could accept blockchain-powered games as long as they follow applicable laws, disclose their terms, and are thus age-rated by an appropriate collective.

The new NFT-based game thus takes the top spot in Epic Games’ store and will be available from 28 September. Additionally, the game does not require users to purchase NFTs in order to play. Instead, it is possible to purchase and play without using NFTs. Currently, the game is in its "early access" phase.

Blankos Block Party draws inspiration from creator toy heritage and allows users to interact and collaborate in a vibrantly colored virtual environment. NFTs are used in the video game to represent unique items such as avatar creations and gadgets that can be purchased and sold through the market system.

Since its initial release, the video game has partnered with numerous product lines and artist collaborators for limited-edition releases, including Atari, Burberry, and music producer Deadmau5. The video game, however, does not require the possession of NFTs. An NFT is a blockchain symbol representing a product's ownership, such as video game characters, weapons, or virtual territory.Upcoming Blockchain game from GRIT.

As a result of the launch of Blankos Block Party, Epic Games has delayed what Web3 game company Gala Games foretold last June.

In fact, Gala Games had claimed to involve more than 194 million users of the Epic Games Store in its GRIT game, which, however, is still in the “Coming Soon” section of the marketplace. 

Even though the GRIT game has slipped through the cracks as the top NFT-powered blockchain game on the Epic Games Store, it appears that the game's long wait is setting a precedent for other NFT games in the near future.

Paying 36.8 ETH to get NFT mint on PoS.The NFT-mania could make each novelty unique. The user who paid 36.8 ETH in fees to buy the first Proof-of-Stake NFT minted on Ethereum's new blockchain may have been thinking this.

Earlier this month, Ethereum's blockchain was converted from a Proof-of-Work (PoW) to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain, relying on staking rather than mining.

Apparently, the user wanted to frame this change by purchasing the first PoS NFT, paying 36.8 ETH in fees alone, an amount equal to over $53,800.

In addition to Blankos Block Party, other NFT games will probably be released on Epic Games Store.  interesting?

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