Tales in the Air

Jeff Walker & Mr. B - a cautionary tale

October 21, 2021 P. Haines-Ainsworth Season 1 Episode 2
Tales in the Air
Jeff Walker & Mr. B - a cautionary tale
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copyright © 2021 by Winking Kat Books
from a short story by Washington Irving,
"The Devil and Tom Walker"
Adapted and updated by P. Haines-Ainsworth
produced by Winking Kat Books

Jeff Walker wasn't happy.  He wasn't happy with life, his job, or his marriage.  The one thing that brought him a few brief moments of pleasure was fishing at his favorite pond in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey.  Hundreds of days, Jeff stood by the murky water catching perch, sunfish, and pickerel  and never met the devil.  But one Sunday in the Spring of 2003, that fact was about to change. 

Washington Irving wrote his short story, "The Devil and Tom Walker"  in 1824.  It was a story about a discontented and bitter man who traded his soul to the Jersey Devil for a trove of pirate treasure.   Winking Kat updated the setting of the story to our century, but we kept much of the events of the original story intact.  It just goes to show there will always be some who are willing to make a deal with the devil for money and power that it provides.

Will Jeff Walker suffer the same fate as his nineteenth century counterpart or will he escape his fate with the help of his well-meaning receptionist, Pam McGinty?   You'll have to listen to find out.

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This first episode of Tales in the Air was recorded in Duvall, Washington at Top of the Hill Studios.  Our cast includes:  Phillip Keiman, Jessica Robins, Samuel Pettit, Adrian Cerrato, Hannah Coleman, Max Lopuszynski, Sara Schweid, Jack Anderson, Ellen Dessler Smith, Hilary Heinz Luthi, and Patricia Haines-Ainsworth. 

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