Angela's Soap Box

Angela's Soap Box -- Sept. 3, 2022

September 03, 2022 Angela Box Season 2 Episode 32
Angela's Soap Box
Angela's Soap Box -- Sept. 3, 2022
Show Notes

Man oh man -- this Deep State crap is getting to be TOO MUCH!

Straw: Filthy leftist FBI who purposefully shut down any investigation into the Hunter Biden Laptop from Hell. They frogmarched Tim Thiebault (head of the Washington, D.C. field office) and are pretending it was ONLY him that suppressed the laptop story but 20 whistleblowers say NOPE;

FBI pressured Facebook to cover up Laptop from Hell;

Before the now infamous #PedoHitler speech, Biden calls over half the country "semi-fascist", dummy Gay, Black, Immigrant Woman KJP doubles down;

Vile leftist Lina Hildago in a dead heat with patriot Alexandra del Moral Mealer for Harris County Judge;

Global warming hoax enters peak insanity;

Bank of America, Pfizer, AMEX all breaking the law and violating the 14th Amendment Equal Protection Clause;