Ep. 109 Navigating Disconnection and Embracing Abundance with Françoise Danoy
Making Conversation
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Making Conversation
Ep. 109 Navigating Disconnection and Embracing Abundance with Françoise Danoy
Dec 01, 2022
Making Conversation with Françoise Danoy

I’m your host Ashley Yousling and today I’m talking with someone whom I’ve known for many years, all the way back to when I first began this podcast and she purchased some yarn from my little online shop. Françoise Danoy whom you may also know as Frenchie, is the creator behind Aroha Knits, Swatch Studio Circle, and other fun ventures like the Yarn Alchemist. But we don’t spend much time talking about knitting or making, and just like with every episode, we go where the conversation leads and sometimes that means we go deep, to vulnerable and tender parts of our lives and stories. I’m so grateful for Françoise’s openness, for sharing this part of her story, heritage and heart, and for her permission to share that with you. I hope you take a moment to really hear Françoise’s story and all the richness and beauty of it, while also gaining more insight through the lived experience she so graciously takes time to share with us. 

You can connect with Françoise on the Making app and Instagram @arohaknits

We believe that the simple act of making can transform your life and in turn change our world. This is why Making exists. It all starts with inspiration. We’re inspired by people, by places, by experiences—a beautiful photo, a soft wool, a kind heart. These are the things that motivate us to make.

Making is here to disrupt systems—systems of oppression, systems that only benefit certain groups of people, and systems that extract. We’re here to challenge the narrative of profit over people. We believe a company can be founded for the purpose of good and change the world for better, while also creating opportunity at scale. Makers are tired of the monoliths. The few companies that comprise our only choices of how we connect, how we transact, and how we learn.

Makers are ready for a better alternative and that is what we are building.

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