Feminist Fairytales

Lina- Act 1

November 19, 2021 Madeleine Regina and Jennie Bissell Season 1 Episode 3
Feminist Fairytales
Lina- Act 1
Show Notes

Lina Flores, is just your average first-gen, eldest Latina daughter with the responsibility of putting everything and everyone above herself. After one exhausting day at her family's restaurant, Lina falls asleep and wakes up in a strange and dangerous world. Lina is accompanied by a familiar voice that offers wisdom and riddles that help Lina find her way back home and back to herself. 

Episode Script by Madelyn Dorta

This episode was performed by: Caroline Cabal Coniglio, Sandra Espinoza, Mike Martinez, Ruth Diaz, Chris Rivera, L.W. Salinas

Sound Design by Jordan Rawlings 

Theme Music by Juliana Marin

Produced by Emma Love, Jennie Bissell, Madeleine Regina

Special Thanks to Jon Jon Johnson, Alex Levy, Katie Keddell, Kari Ginsberg

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