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Special Episode: Postcards from ASU GSV (Part 1)

April 13, 2022 Alex Sarlin Season 1 Episode 33
Edtech Insiders
Special Episode: Postcards from ASU GSV (Part 1)
Show Notes

In this special episode, Edtech Insiders hits the road and travels to San Diego for the ASU GSV conference, the biggest and most influential Edtech conferences in the US.

Rather than a single interview, this episode contains no less than EIGHT short 'hallway' interviews with all variety of amazing Edtech and education founders and influencers. 

This episode focuses on innovators in the PK12 space; part two will focus on Higher Ed and workforce innovators.

1. John King Jr., former Secretary of Education for the US under President Obama and candidate for Governor of Maryland
2. Sara Mauskopf, the CEO of Winnie, a daycare and preschool marketplace with millions of users
3. Aditya Kaddu, Founder and CEO of Edstruments, a leading school budget planning platform
4. Gavin Cooney, CEO of Learnosity, a leading assessment platform
5. Maria Berrera, CEO and Founder of Clayful, a text based coaching platform for SEL
6. Vishal Goenka, Founder and CEO of 2Sigma School, which offers accredited CS courses for high school students.
7. Yair Shapira, Founder and CEO of the Amplio Special Education Learning Platform
8. Yaki Dayan, the Founder and CEO of Edtech Israel and Neurotech Solutions