BCF ORG Tech Talk

#4 - Unexpected Downtime

March 08, 2022 Brian Fisher
BCF ORG Tech Talk
#4 - Unexpected Downtime
Show Notes

Unexpected machine downtime is a production manager's nightmare, particularly in facilities that operate 24-7.  Unexpected Downtime is not a matter of IF but WHEN.  

Industrial plant downtime happens for a variety of reasons and always at the worst time. 

 Unexpected Downtime wreaks havoc on production.  Few things cause bigger headaches than the dreaded alert that a production unit or line has suddenly and unexpectedly shut down due to equipment failure.

 Unexpected downtime is almost inevitably associated with extremely high costs.  Where you will almost always spend whatever it takes to get the machine or process up and running again.

Our guest is George Rovolis, Senior Customer Segment Manager - OEM at Van Meter Inc. out of Minneapolis - St. Paul/Twin Cities Area.

George Rovolis is a highly accomplished Senior Leader with extensive experience in Industrial Automation Solutions.  He has 28 years of broad factory Automation experience in delivering solutions to customers in areas of Motion Control, PACs, Mechatronics, Linear Motion, Robotics, Pneumatics and Machine Vision.
 George is Passionate about focusing on customer’s needs, helping them overcome their challenges and achieve their objectives.  Focused on developing long term partnerships by delivering expert insights and solutions that help Machine Builders & OEMs arrive to their desired business outcomes.
 He is Currently responsible for developing and driving key initiatives and strategies across customer and business segments.  Helping grow Van Meter’s OEM business while helping their OEM customers achieve better business outcomes via Smart Machines Solutions & Digital Transformation.