Episode 8: Decolonising Language
World YWCA's Podcast
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World YWCA's Podcast
Episode 8: Decolonising Language
Dec 15, 2023 Season 3 Episode 8
World YWCA

In this episode of RiseUp! We talk about talking - how do we decolonise our language to make it more feminist, and inclusive?

The first guest to join host Chhavi Sachdev is Virisila Buadromo, from Fiji, who is a co-lead of the Urgent Action Fund, Asia and the Pacific. Next Nanako Tojo joins Chhavi from Kyoto, Japan, where she is a Youth leader implementing the RiseUp! Model with the YWCA in Japan. The conversation concludes with World YWCA Director for Global Engagement and Impact, Dr. Suchi Gaur returning to the podcast. She shares insights on some key questions- How are the very words we use an agent of feminism, or of patriarchy? How can we make better choices, when speaking and translating? Listen to find out …

This podcast is brought to you by the Australian Government under the RiseUp! Young Women’s Leadership and Advocacy initiative in Asia-Pacific region.

Guests: Virisila Buadromo, Nanako Tojo, and Suchi Gaur
Host: Chhavi Sachdev
Team: Dr. Suchi Gaur and Nirmala Gurung at World YWCA
Podcast production: Chhavi Sachdev and the team at Sonologue: Sharad Joshi & Deepa D.

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