The Eurasian Climate Brief

COP26 wrap-up: what has Eurasia achieved? An interview with Olha Boiko

November 19, 2021 Eurasian Climate Brief Team Season 1 Episode 7
The Eurasian Climate Brief
COP26 wrap-up: what has Eurasia achieved? An interview with Olha Boiko
Show Notes

We're reviewing COP26 and asking whether the 1.5 degree target has been kept alive, which would avert catastrophic climate change. What are the conclusions of this COP for Eurasia? And were activists and NGOs from the region capable of being represented at this historic climate summit? 

Our guest to discuss this is Olha Boiko, coordinator of CAN EECCA (Climate Action Network focusing on Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia) and based in the NGO Ecoaction. Olha is also well versed on the situation in Russia. 

The Eurasian Climate Brief is a new podcast dedicated to climate news in the region stretching from Eastern Europe and Russia down to Caucasia and Central Asia. 

This episode is hosted by:

  • Natalie Sauer, an environmental journalist and MA student in post-soviet politics at University College London.
  • Boris Schneider, a political economy and energy expert at n-ost, a Berlin-based network for cross-border reporting. Boris heads initiatives to boost climate journalism in Central Asia, the Caucasus and Eastern Europe. 
  • Angelina Davydova, an environmental journalist from Russia. Angelina has been writing about climate change in the region for Russian and international media and attending UN climate summits since 2008. She also teaches environmental journalism and environmental and climate policy and communication in a number of universities and regularly organises training for journalists from Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Caucasus on environmental and climate reporting.

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