You Don't Know Schiff

Carrot Top - Part 2

October 12, 2022 Episode 28
You Don't Know Schiff
Carrot Top - Part 2
Show Notes

Carrot Top has been a household name for decades. But it's a rare opportunity to get to know the man behind the bigger-than-life performance. Join us this week for Part Two of the conversation with Mark, Lowell and the legendary, talented, and (as we learned) so down-to-earth Scott "Carrot Top" Thompson!

This week Scott shares memories about his start in Las Vegas, experiences meeting some legendary comedians including Jerry Lewis, Don Rickles and Milton Berle, a funny interaction with Albert Brooks, and the honor of ending up as the cornerstone of a joke by his hero George Carlin.

And if you haven't already heard it, but sure to listen to Part One as well!
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