24. Unlocking Growth Through Authentic Conversations with Eliza Leoni
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Communicate to Lead
24. Unlocking Growth Through Authentic Conversations with Eliza Leoni
Mar 16, 2023
Kele Belton

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Authenticity in conversations fosters trust, transparency, and vulnerability, which leads to a stronger sense of connection. Effective communication involves creating a clear, concise, and relatable message to the audience. 

In this week’s episode, I’m having a conversation with Eliza Leoni, a workshop facilitator, coach, and founder of Talk Like a Person, a San Francisco-based communications coaching, training, and consulting company. She has spent over a decade facilitating, designing programs, and coaching leaders at Fortune 500 companies.

She developed a passion for helping people break down the self-consciousness ("What am I doing with my hands?") and jargon ("let’s circle back on the soft-launch of our extended system capabilities vis-a-vis maximizing ROI and synergistically up-leveling our solutions”) that get in the way of real connection with their listeners.

Eliza believes being a good listener and empathizing with others' emotions are essential qualities of a successful leader. She believes in the power of authentic conversations and thinks every moment is an opportunity to learn and grow as a person and a leader.

Tune in to today’s episode to hear more about:

  • Why "Clarity is Kind" is important in effective leadership and communication.
  • How authentic leaders can embrace feedback in their new journey.
  • How leaders can embrace their authentic leadership.
  • The importance of knowing your audience and seeing things from their perspective.
  • Why embracing failure is key to being a more authentic leader.

Connect with Eliza Leoni:

Email - eliza@talklikeaperson.co  

Website www.talklikeaperson.co 

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