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Ep 14: Levenslessen in de sportschool
July 28, 2018 Angelique Houtveen
Angelique Houtveen Podcast

Ep 14: Levenslessen in de sportschool

July 28, 2018

Angelique Houtveen

Nooit in mijn leven had ik gedacht het over sporten te hebben. Want ik vond het verschrikkelijk. Totdat ik het Glazen Huis inging voor 3FM Serious Request. Nu sport ik 2x in de week met mijn broertje die personal trainer is. Naast een gezond en fit lichaam brengt het mij veel meer. Meer horen? Klik op abonneer! Reacties zijn welkom via de DM op instagram: @thisisangelique of mail Dank voor het luisteren!
Nooit in mijn leven had ik gedacht het over sporten te hebben. Want ik vond het verschrikkelijk. Totdat ik het Glazen Huis inging voor 3FM Serious Request. Nu sport ik 2x in de week met mijn broertje die personal trainer is. Naast een gezond en fit lichaam brengt het mij veel meer. Meer horen? Klik op abonneer! Reacties zijn welkom via de DM op instagram: @thisisangelique of mail Dank voor het luisteren!

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:01Hey, have you done sports? Nigga got the life of input costs for your neighbor was like a whole insects. Michel de la. I'll use pseudo delco and finish of a lot of stairs. Oh goodness. And that supports one, exceeded all of Glam my financial life suits. It was intuitive and I actually called Dj and he could. This cost starts at home with ncs today and in a daily on a photo for halo and it gossips nets in the sports hall of fame and his personal trainer and I tell you, school is holding them on the Mesa location and like, um, yeah, like Gov all bay and frame the trainer while Shea moisture. Richmond's of this by hand. This um, I uh, say cut off and I'm Saddam take innovation to invoke this from a photo of someone so he, so fair and a say condition instantly gave his home who belonged like training for my school and she did a yard sale product which kind of new to the podcast.

Speaker 1:1:27So I was like, okay, yeah, whatever it needed with their smart cities, for my, those f my attitude through nick kept Vollis, opera, mental or sports hold of my mentor and need today's in basic fit for fit for free. And I'm here with Tina and all the time, like a, nothing fancy, something false, doesn't have an immense amount of. I'm not a normal, albeit Qbo, have not heal famous, intense. And talking the yogas whole domain of brutes to nonsmoking deaths into an epic. I like her bottom maneuverable your household Sukkah goes, that's sort of attitudes via moodle. Momar mark, look. And also to Neihardt Jamar dismissed from a, a biofuel. Mere farmers might. Dana, that was my overtaxing. This makes you shake today, the spirit you'll feel and see does this maintaining got this new man that doesn't do so. And the Sarah data also dinner, do it.

Speaker 1:2:36My, um, the ethics of be live from a show unless you let them struggle hard. And we're here today and they started. Yeah, I, so that there was, for her to get into all the think I'm in class house a more fem. See three different series regressed. Spitting on. Yeah, they call it, she's getting much new. Three Djs in her house and her and um, um, um, yeah, h and a vague needs and you were to Vaco forthwith Gamma Das and uh, that results from that flashes for health, for health or health or to California and Space Fico and super tough. Um, Mr. when he got the world of today, we, the dgs cashflow adr to uber for those begins with commodity closed goods. But when September comes with Eric's, you said Democrats into the animal, Martin Dr Girl. And he had a good home fits that housing fund and the Aes on the other camera.

Speaker 1:3:38So Stan and, and not to go down who that see yourself? That's and Logo Bank bagels. My football, unless it's on. Okay. Youthful aigner. She goes, what'd you bent or stung? He gone to new Mensa four times the amount of fuel heifer and the right music coma, the Haley, the hostile lungs and even anger she ever had. She had her own room and it's neat and my conduct now. So the bar made to, on top of that almost gets to a coupled to start to spring into the house. You'll need to default, may be new to them or they'll think they'll hit them. All of belts. I've not always filled with Jada on search on the cafe for did instance for five kids a day in coma catalogs. Now he pulls it out of the seat and it's a definitely they showed acceptable. Then guy in my class, stoma fourth house and as I was, I found a blood marker as the WHO thing higher.

Speaker 1:4:34So hoop. It's fooding Stinger. Decide come as a blonde marker for four year door and my door was this fit for them and I said plummet. Fooding Boston. He'll throw from the ears today, make a faint cody. You're live life. Just reboot the faithful and the Nabi lump sum or Bauer and ate the whole nothing. Add our field staff for work. That book on it and it held through liquid. Dual explaining. Remember boy chair. It's hard to consent. Have excema abortion to vacant in a vague it this stuff. So yeah, you don't know the state of orange with all the local a firm's done. Gone to tomer barrel that you got on a month, say manometer proceeding and La. My fear, the epic was broker and news hungry sodas, Ricardo, to bake it into vaccine. Macalester Bay over phenomenas. There's does for male inhaler coated. Mortified. Seeks not the adult Ed did day.

Speaker 1:5:24Have my own doctor because Oco there can get in on dogs, not a sports school to come. My OIC and the taste them my afternoon. Insane Dot Traina and sports. The bone and for it'll appeal from an analyst would make the folders for, for and for reading and playful title came into. Talked in sports and happier the hung. I'm a funny Benner shouldn't end up in. I'm abandonment switch from boats. Hopper to nothing. A lot of for the day. Do all well football to you. You need to. Don't diet and no heats. Uh, he do good and train hard to close. I think definitely age meaning all these. A fit girl mints and feared boy me because if just get ignored. So fit girl vus. So my friend that it was ever wanted to gag via an old clothes, the middle snouts, new Uli, Secretan all a dietary courtyard, except there's other growth.

Speaker 1:6:22Don't focus on the. Don't focus on solely focus on the journey, not the destination. And that is the cocoanuts for for four, for chalet, Shaleema basement. So from Dolla Holla, you had the honey. You need mothering the cupboards, developed tests for bothering to value based payment method. The California Doula Angel is neat. The Mahi that is years device than it through and it clicks. Super Cliche, mark. Yeah. That's how I became a homeric dots. The. Yeah, the rice fail. Ogre is local or declining in Logan will, Manchester. There's the goto styling. They get it. This for today to pass by Irma. Oh Cologne. Awkward Labor. My line opening as before, but I'm like, dude, don't even remember what your of opening them up or dead lifts and squats and an episode. So stung with uncle to that. I'm an imaging Taylor team care and my boys photo stays married. Could be able to own a stack of words and it is alter.

Speaker 1:7:28So as you can in the kid and Gig economy, the economy needs field to swear and the homeboys. Your wellbeing is a sniffer. My eyes or do my home. So glocal she porches, strength sign. Once you you can look at home issues. I do my own and girds and on and on a Oh my adult and I'm glad Rica during this three or four inches at the resets and Veda care and then it cut it everything dare to care corona and on an h for it, it's never going to make everybody there moments or moods a perfect for them and a half for the data sets and that sort of openness thing in my life. The other thing, oh no. Yeah, I'll say no. Five years. So they, oh, we're gonna and, and they'll be there to set and not hot on her own. Certainly had the horn, harshly code and excellent.

Speaker 1:8:20So belonging like a blind, I could less like Dang for Ya know, there's Oakland raiders, salzman lay for sodas. You think united years to kick off and get on the stick. The skype of days after mark of this fattening into founder Myer Dot Asha, Dorset, and it forced on the front of my door, pushy, pushy, pushy being and look. We're building with workflow or some as deal mcculloch, meg by myself on gone today and Canadian, so he's described to it cave tonal or for any big me in the flow for the strictest clave, honnold, Nasida hot a features door, hats during the war. Had the don't know from that, from that home, feel mark liquor worth and not say lesser. The DFL, wait, their ceos for pavement may a drain to Marissa about who perform a bow. That orphaning faculty who basically really important as well dot also foods after you left home from okay, but a dedicated from Beta.

Speaker 1:9:24Yeah, Dun done. When this is not director, that Oco, Allah bdnf, positives does phytic acid. It's it. Is there some more elastic. I'm training apart so he. Joe. I'm not a class domestic. It was funny. I do this class. How fit for the gnostic now as far as how it's from a Stopa get stayed so low and it worked as yourself or shake sacred from she could afford to ignore it. Quoting focus to that. Hockey is of course a Yorkie. The sake of us. Oh, for over. Yeah. Need Hillary Shit. They're no substitute for us and Dover Trainer Food Mozobil sacred or an additive to go to market. How much they occur. No hitter and base it on the websites for my system and fast and an image. So, so, uh, in shape and liquor food. My homeowners felecia. Oh Man. It's base of bands that have local search for self for that hour that you think you don't even hold like a base for the magnet.

Speaker 1:10:32Weed and seed my doubts that fit in your liquor, milk for our family. Come to Rapha and that she didn't have an. And that finished for the article on the artist's buddy mindset for mind, body, Spirit. She had the mind also my base stuff. And the spirits is you for booker. Laser made a not from the united episodes. My reflow from a podcast of philosophy. And that's what made the deceit Cityville xl in my, the body must be made out at the sort of thing. Yeah. That, uh, that water in the form. Take my own syndrome. So I'm also in Kolkata at that house. Tacoma, over from the Ias Solo. My new magic who belonged like this on that. Okay. In, in the. Yeah. That she'd had opened a base and oak in manifold or the Bible's Costco, Delta, promat endometriosis was formed them and that they continue with that here for pine house at Terena health own on lectured there in.

Speaker 1:11:37You fail to sit there and there's. Oh, I'm queer. I'm stone with a coworker. My former. My goes to them at the arts festival for. And my hairstyle diets from the men in my hope or it user base phone stands, couplers. And your hairstyle dies. Is Oklahoma Snell all live dates or is, is this oak for ducks are doing a full clone of the ball. The Bain Bain just had gone to her own Arctic fitter band for all the time. I got my cut those sports and that's this new film in there cannot be altered. So it's semi full veil. That's who Melissa Mark, who, Conrad and, and the two Lincoln that is there that Josh always would play the bass and I look at me and she had, won't accept toacclimate Hand Bang it Gilda. She's still Nipun. Um, basically towards the sky for, into old villa and life and dad on sitter, like softer form.

Speaker 1:12:45I was like, I'll take him a whole topic that I moved to America. My mother took me for. Come over, automate your whole, your whole sport that she'd been school dose and they kept new joyful energy on that they spoke to name out and, and new val athletic described for innovators. Don't feel a productivity thing. I was going with uh, yeah mum, Trina. It got to dig oil. Genesis and he didn't know some email salt vco. See it? I'm just going to eat the sleep. My, my, the, the one in success and get noise with this. Um, well he'll be like a base. I'm in mind. His spirits bugged the boy you to obey mom. And a tiny flow models come to cooper element. All align meninas spare move so soon. Because in the old parker I'm going to yard aber. And the city of your household use seen nothing. Does. Oh No. Huddle eats, eats dog the body via words. And uh, and that's okay. As I look held ms Dot Ella Ding at the end of life, we will near settlement does. That was definitely just the NCX develops obd come Lopa okay. From a book called Integration With all the Sofa hope hoisted the you and uh, fake. You default on the podcast.

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