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Ep 15: Iemand veroordelen, wat zegt het over jezelf?
August 04, 2018 Angelique Houtveen
'Wat je zegt ben je zelf' hoorde je vroeger op het schoolplein. Klopt eigenlijk best wel. In deze episode een inzicht over oordeel en hoe je ervan kan leren. Na jaren niet te hebben gedraaid in clubs had ik dit weekend het lef dat wel te doen, o.a. omdat ik mijn oordeel over bepaalde type dj's heb laten gaan. Meer horen? Klik op abonneer! Reacties zijn altijd welkom via de DM op Instagram: @thisisangelique. Dank voor het luisteren!

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:02Hey, in halo enough, once a month, it is often, he knows last moments. And finally she realized that no other episodes 15 from my podcast called fame and funding of the aboriginal data, he stays held live where water. And the funny thing, now they have a veto, but annex of 20th, I'll irest is um, a comment from an eighth inch chip yourself as who you break her heart and it makes cells they get, makes. No, he came off a guy from my mother, um, and took of egg and I'm happy factor netting on the climate spracher for Indiana canister on. They don't have to set her off. And on a rustic Mark Keppel, American logo, men's events, a menswear who'd make a bladder. You don't favor. The Osprey has extra energy and it got operational because healer who Myra noumea energy dot a cartoon. Della to thing is those who take the hook.

Speaker 1:1:17Mathematical connects and not a vertafore is. There's some salmon, some social thanks Brizo Muammar don't have to look. Organize. My I and she faithfully martyred was he used the date of the new, uh, an episode both coastal naming. So he's all yours but dung for the reaction is not only for the, for whole sports feel Moire don't give out for a draft, instagram is a, the dogs and instead what the new hot thing cut over or data, um, and that up from the CTRC, the vacant made from act and Ali's is the act is um, take non navy, Navy, Rv, or have heard the guides of Dj club, Dj put solar, festifall, New South Dakota, did old name and could the historical rights and it was super dope. And if tech I'm make ignite. So an alternate here collated mental, my is not take a l, four l alternatives.

Speaker 1:2:21So St and, and Mba, although the counter perfectionistic and who has done an ordeal to it it fuck out. Now. Clips by popping off for a trader as access to the safer and coordinate djs dryer. And um, it got on a shirt or a dildo for some someone Dj's, nothing else. Buy Halo. Julio, I'll go to work. So we were to do it, this last name on there, this time mixer that music goes need to need to top her. Excellent order, low for like the whole durfee yourself the year to know I have now up excel, Dj verite, heartaches own ordeal over adults with Djs. Don't techniques, Demoiselles, Shamar, openair fanatic feel Beetham was saying, and I'm just at a pharmacy, Alpha Delta, Beta Boston hadn't bothered to look neat. Authors coming in with Oklahoma and you live them. My daughter had worked for high high school stilts.

Speaker 1:3:24That excitement for elp or play the audio, there's to still take a. he's, Oh my, I call it the African American. The door gone off to a weekend. It was a concern about the four and it Dang comes on zillow feel or know how to honor the Djs for dor form that they perfect Hussein and and at the NCF and haven't gotten down to our little holiday tomorrow. Elder, so it's so that I emailed or nails done them. He said the MCA met and stick a yellow is yellow. The to lay forth of the East Bay trigger to painting from them are near and dear to those switch from Boston scanning system. So my deal, I'll say so triggered where there slept the Djs, the I'm in my car and car and home there and the list and the Halo Kudo from Hainan. So, and athletic sneaker.

Speaker 1:4:25I'm deep in. It's just events from Oakland. So we need to and, and Ms Dot Badal hidden money to who tomorrow. My own mail. Estefanie defend what you do. It's. And that means definitely mood, affect, need search for my wife would say. And, and, and the marker Neato show my amended Velda Hook. Say Magnetic Djs. He saw anthony, trivago, my social left in Mayo, Hurghada and, and I used to like in deal for my, the equivalently. So sure. Hello? Versus I need to fill the local myself. Let her mother slot on domino ordeal for design. What do we isolate? Oh, I'll show you the, um, the ordeal orderly, orderly. I flick to stick for yourself and she dumped. Dora have done. Um, we haven't talked to me. This is the probiotic near mender to order it. And it's. So Yoga wasn't a need. So for daylen men's, my rebel, a marvelous does evolve.

Speaker 1:5:19Marvelous. And apartments stays held her. That's the Osha order, the next thing, get out over each in yourself and don't you just act like Oak Ucl for deals. Get to the football tickets, fragments. I'm a commander. Deed. I'm sorta needed to. My daughter the oldest with data or all that freedom. Just saw there the foster quarter and for some reason I'll take men's homes and Hay and all that. Dee Dee Shit, the day holder and dinner for the dollar and they give us and mental state as well as all dates from his elbow sore and all that. Used to fake the funk look sign and it will self meeting. You couldn't have a dollar and um, and the calls and halo top. And if the made. Oh calls. It's a major. I'll, I'll sit on sort of a mum. They'll fail. You move to hug freezer Africanness door and the ordeal that athletic oak had overall deal in May. Vons.

Speaker 1:6:20Yeah. Steve himself with alcohol almost always wanted the order and that may separate needs from equal. Olga Mommy for matures. Meyer dog deal for myself is or oak and um, that's going on. There is open deal though. Dang fun here. So St Mohair fatter thought they'd need alter the failure of the sandy. You don't. La Mer, carrot bag. MITOTIC Oxford for marital. She did the deal for myself. Again, daughter. Oh, case worthy healer for Daylen? Nah, not only the two. D Dot also have labor and door handle for daily, for daily sticky myself and conduct this need for legs. The new. Get the feel for the off the field May. Yeah, it full verbatim. Direct and I'll say like we're not ordeal fighting. Oh yeah, that neat. My Belfast. So relay for an employer being account ask Nita or daily. There are horn again. Founded had oco from a multiple images, so step trigger to beats.

Speaker 1:7:26They'll have that audit. OCO funding to go for your elders and. And so the right is on the audience and you'll stay in band or the yogurt. Stickies of the for building numerous sound. Okay. The format is didn't last kind of the book from the Fund. Jamie Lee before both delays, delays there noise an ordeal to ever asked shit. Neoplasia and wanting to see, you know, you notice I didn't go do. Look in the village circle that Fain noids therapist for my fender Hello. Of name saying metals. Each yields stack, triggers and shit. He'll eular and slot. She think did guneet and the disrespect and the money biztown. Then we'll report out at Fau. Sales guy for name. My sister though from my Belk belk deal volume ticketed meant so well developed deal in myself. A hair Kennick. Mclean in the older adults need lafe. But uh, yeah man,

Speaker 1:8:32that Manga last ideal. So a, they base, they're open the letter and some scars. And was Mickey that you're talking about. Orbital fat. I'm either fell switch on. Perverse up to creator for exceeds Cordell new. And what's shifted over from May want to clove athlete mentioned was saying almost beautiful saying and who steric her emotional triggers. Seville posts. He feels natural teeth. Who should be whole and it, it's, it's taken. And if mack opened up, I'll say men's domain. Soc. I'm nothing dominant, Amit, so not on either a sword from Alma doing it. A lot. Seen sell demands are from the bank or what the it show. What's a dot on? Have so, yeah, that's that. Okay. Information data for beer. Order Lowe's to saying build that them. Lucky is my needle. Felting. Geico about what triggered that. Held our homeroom, a near capacity to full of romance and lifted to fuller for no faith.

Speaker 1:9:40That's my meaning. And um, and there's open itself. Order top sales assignments. Come on, say it again. Color after touching on the ordeal that you neglect yourself for adult. And I'm sorry about malls. Affidavit is original. Oma holdman information. Taylor. Thank you for a waste. Valcom author on instagram. They am. This is actually my instagram now. I'm happier. Instagram. Other info at this. Com check. Checking effigies neat. My websites. Multiple money would more and all she did was supposed to cost per whatever blaster today ties up to itunes, spotify, soundcloud's in Apollo. Layer on the canal. A here, which it wasn't a fight it out. If you need to watch it from my end, I'm told to do it.

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