Field Sales Leadership Guide
Founder's Story, Ep #26
Founder's Story, Ep #26 22:29 How to integrate your tech stack, Ep #25 27:58 Tales from the road, Ep #24 30:01 The KPIs should match the go-to-market strategy, Ep #23 33:26 Trends in outside sales, Ep #22 28:48 How do you measure the ROI of your CRM, Ep #21 27:40 Why change? Exploring why sales orgs buy new technology, Ep #20 25:38 Data-driven Territory Management with Austin Green of Jasper Engines and Transmissions, Ep #19 43:51 7 things to look for in a CRM, Ep #18 43:32 Transforming from Lone Wolf Sales to Process-Driven Sales, with Joe Anderson, Ep #17 35:03 What CRM customer support should look like, Ep #16 31:43 How Jasper Engines and Transmissions built a measurable sales process from the ground up, Ep #15 38:28 Process beats people, Ep #14 19:18 How a crawl, walk, run approach leads to a successful CRM rollout, Ep #13 25:04 Building a sales process from the ground up with Luke Wittenbraker 42:48 Leveraging a CRM for better customer engagement at Thibaut Design – Episode 011 26:24 Building Relationships and Staying Organized as a Sales Manager with Drew Cline from CONMED – Episode 010 20:34 White Glove Service as a Competitive Advantage with Michelle Shepard from Systel – Episode 009 24:24 Partnering with Independent Reps in Medical Device Sales with Brian Schauer at Novastep - Episode 008 27:49 Account Segmentation and the Educational Sales Cycle with Robbie Lunt from Biodesix - Episode 007 20:58 Working Together to Overcome Obstacles and the Sales Tools that Reps Need with Kevin Dunbrack at McCarthy & Sons - Episode 006 37:13 Effective People Leading and Motivating Sales Teams with Bryant Davis at SC Johnson - Episode -005 36:18 Hiring and Training a Medical Sales Team with Aeroflow Healthcare - Episode 004 32:37 Driving CRM Usage and Sales Tool Engagement with Sonic Healthcare - Episode 003 36:57 Hyperlocal Field Sales Territory Planning with Johnstone Supply - Episode 002 37:04