The Cornerstones of Healthy Food Systems

Public Education: A Path to Freedom? Or a Tool of Oppression?

April 19, 2023 Mary Lucero Season 2 Episode 8
The Cornerstones of Healthy Food Systems
Public Education: A Path to Freedom? Or a Tool of Oppression?
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Public school systems are viewed by global experts as the very foundation of free society.  Yet many children find their school experience oppressive and demotivating  Some carry the scars of their public education experience throughout life. 

In today's episode, host Mary Lucero explains why public schools that do a better job of addressing the needs, not of congressmen and top administrators, but of children are essential for meeting the growing demands for sustainable food systems and productive economies.

John Dewey, Democracy and Education (Affiliate link.  Your purchase supports our podcast)

Our World in Data:  Duration of Compulsory Education
Our World in Data:  Countries with Participatory Democracy
Our World in Data:  Per Capita CO2 Emissions

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Pink Floyd, Another Brick in the Wall

The Cornerstones of Healthy Food Systems Podcast Introduction by David Lucero.
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Compulsory Education Struggles to Meet Student’s Needs, Because it Violates the Basic Criteria of Freedom.
Why we Submit Our Children to Authorities
Schools Cannot Serve Students Who are Not Ready to Learn
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