The Cornerstones of Healthy Food Systems

Regenerating the Human Environment

June 29, 2023 Mary Lucero Season 2 Episode 10
The Cornerstones of Healthy Food Systems
Regenerating the Human Environment
Show Notes

In this episode Dr. Mary Lucero explains why the way we think is contributing to environmental decline, and offers ideas for regenerating our ecosystem by changing the way we think about everyday problems. 

Listen to why:
·         We cannot effectively restore the environment until we recognize that we are the environment. 

·         Decisions about which new technology to adopt should be based in part on understanding of the effect a product might have on the environment.  
How is it being made?  What is it being made out of? By whom?  And most of all, for how long will it be useful?

·         Environmental policies often end in bulky documents that cloud the stalemate between polarized politicians and favor corporate interest above public needs.  

·         Governments should focus on efforts that simply protect rights of all to life and liberty.  

·         We need to move away from the linear programming that fosters multiple choice standardized testing models, and move to more holistic thinking that considers many options and justifies solutions based, not only on focused, immediate goals, but also on the impact decisions will have on the community at large today and in the future.

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